The Best Winter Nails Ideas to Try in 2022/2023

Winter is rapidly getting closer, but it does not mean you have to put off nail polish just right now! This season’s hottest nail trends are full of color, texture, and embellishments. These winter nail colors are perfect for the colder months and will flow seamlessly with popular fall makeup trends. Some popular nail designs this season feature glitter, foil, and pearls. If you’re looking for more traditional winter nails, consider going for a basic monochromatic look. If you’re searching for something more daring, try a contrasting color.

Light shades are the best for winter nail designs. They’ll look great paired with a warm sweater and a cute hat. You can also add an imitation sweater pattern to give the manicure a knitted look. This look will look great on both short and long fingernails. To add even more appeal to the look, consider mixing up different patterns.

The Best Winter Nails Ideas to Try in 2022/2023
The Best Winter Nails Ideas to Try in 2022/2023

Good winter nail colors include emeralds and dark greens. Those shades are also perfect for New Year’s celebrations. Embellishments can imitate Christmas decorations, like rhinestones or leather. Or, you can opt for a neutral, ombre effect for a sophisticated winter look.

Bold blue shades are also in and will make a huge impact. If you’re a fan of classic French nail art, try adding stick-on pearl accents. These are simple ways to upgrade a classic French manicure and pair it with just about any outfit. Another timeless trend for winter is the red manicure. The color is always in style and is known for its passion and femininity. Just keep browsing and enjoy these winter nail ideas that we have found to give you an inspiration doze!

1. Nude Winter Nails with Snowflakes and Gold Glitter

Nude Winter Nails with Snowflakes and Gold Glitter
Credit: Instagram@martuell.a

This ethereal winter nail design is perfect for chilly days! Most of the nails have a nude base with gold glitter and snowflake designs. But, this classy winter nail design features three gold glitter nails with a nude base color. Besides, two nude nails adorned with white snowflakes and some round gold glitter.

2. Emerald Mermaid Winter Nail Design

Emerald Mermaid Winter Nail Design with Khaki Accents - The Best Winter Nails Ides to Try in 2022/2023
Credit: Instagram@koci_pazur

This winter, you can have the look of a mermaid on your hands by wearing these emerald mermaid winter nails with khaki accent nails. Of course, the shimmering color is a popular choice, thanks to its vibrant shades. Also, you can add rhinestones or nail stickers to achieve a playful yet elegant look. Further, this shimmering nail design will get you tons of compliments.

3. Long Brown Different Shades Sweater Nails

Long Brown Different Shades Sweater Nails
Credit: Instagram@vixxen_nailz

Sweater nails are a classic winter nail design. Additionally, they’re warm, cozy, and easy to create. This fun, unique nails look great in a wide variety of colors. So, you can choose any base color and use multiple brown shades to create different textures. You can also opt for a matte finish for a more unique look.

4. Dark Green Winter Nails with Gold Glitter

Dark Green Nails with Gold Glitter, Stars, and Sweater Nail Style - Classy Winter Nails
Credit: Instagram@charsgelnails_

If you want to make your hands look fairer, try applying dark green nail polish to them. You can also add glitter, stars, and sweater nail style to give them a more dazzling look. Of course, dark green nails on of the perfect choices for applying a winter manicure.

5. Star Nails with Glitter

Long Stiletto Matte Different Nude Shade Star Nails with Glitter for Winter 2022/2023
Credit: Instagram@lori_nails

For a sophisticated look, consider a star manicure with glitter using different shades of nude polishes. Indeed, these dazzling nails are perfect for a special event, including a wedding or Christmas party. The glimmering effect of glitter will highlight your nails, making them stand out in a crowd. Also, you can paint this design in any base color that suits your skin tone. Just choose your favorite nude nail shade colors to apply.

6. Black with Light Grey Plaid Nails

Black with Light Grey Plaid Nails
Credit: Instagram@sylwia.ka_1982

Plaid nail art is an easy multi-color design that looks fabulous. Also, this design is inspired by rich textiles. These matte light grey plaid nails when combined with the black accent nails result in fabulous nail art.

7. Dusty Light Blue Winter Nails

Long Coffin Shaped Dusty Light Blue Winter Nails with Sugar Glitter and Ombre Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@minea.nails

Dusty light blue nails are a great choice for a unique winter manicure. In addition, the color combination is classic, and it is perfect for the winter season. Besides, a white base coat is a great choice, but you can also add sugar glitter and an ombre effect on accent nails to complete the manicure.

8. Wine Red Nails

Wine Red Nails with Glitter and Sweater Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@olootka_nailart

Wine-red nails are the hottest trend this year! Also, these deep burgundy shades are easy to find and are the perfect match for many winter outfits! They can also be created at home and are a simple DIY project.

9. Black French Nails with Snowflakes

Black French Nails with Snowflakes - Winter Nails 2022/2023
Credit: Instagram@salon_adelajda_gdansk

A snowflake manicure is a stunning way to add a festive holiday theme to your nails. Additionally, these designs are often done in shades of blue, but you can use any color to create a festive look. So, you can try these matte French black nails with white and bronzy snowflakes on the black base color. Also, you can add a chrome bronze accent nail to amp up this design!

10. Classy Navy Blue Winter Nails

Long Almond Shaped Classy Navy Blue Winter Nails 2023 with Snowflakes and Candy Cane Accent Nail
Credit: Instagram@martuell.a

Of course, you can use navy blue and white nail polishes to create classy winter nails with a modern look in the comfort of your own home. Just use the right products and techniques to achieve this look. Besides, navy nail polish color is one of the most widespread nail colors for winter. It looks wow on all skin tones, and you can apply it to create different classy looks.

11. Glitter Winter Ombre Nails

Long Almond Shaped Silver Glitter Winter Ombre Nails with Little White Stars
Credit: Instagram@rknails___

Glitter ombre nails are an elegant way to show off your fingers. Also, this dimensional design is very popular this year. In addition, using this technique, you can create a dazzling look that’s perfect for the holiday season or a special occasion. Also, this nail set is perfect to wear as new years nails.

12. Black Magnetic Emerald Nails

Long Square Shaped Black Magnetic Emerald Nails with Snowflakes for Winter 2023
Credit: Instagram@marvelousxnails

Luckily for nail enthusiasts, this shade of green isn’t limited to winter. Also, known for its sexy qualities, it’s a good choice for those wishing to show off their digits. In fact, it’s a great canvas for a yuletide masterpiece.

13. Navy Blue and Nude Winter Nails

Medium round shaped navy blue and nude winter nails 2023 with plaid nail art on an accent nail
Credit: Instagram@hybrydowa_ola

Navy blue and nude nails are the perfect complement to any winter outfit. Of course, they are a chic way to show off your style. Aside from being a classic choice, they are also easy to maintain and a quick way to look stylish. Also, you can add a wow factor using plaid nail art on an accent nail.

14. Gray Ombre Nails with Some Glitter

Medium almond-shaped gray ombre nails with a little glitter on two accent nails for the winter season
Credit: Instagram@matuszewsk.a

If you’re looking for a stylish, winter-ready manicure, gray ombre nails with some glitter on accent nails might be perfect for you. Also, these nails are festive and sophisticated, and you can wear them all season long. Besides, this nail trend is especially popular during autumn and winter.

15. Black Winter Nails

Long Almond Black Winter Nails with Glitter Emerald Touches
Credit: Instagram@noxnailspl

The long black nails are a symbol of respect and reverence. When you dream of long black nails, it is a sign of your need to balance your life. Besides, black nails are so chic especially, when glittery emerald touches are added. In addition, these nails can suit almost any winter outfit.

16. Ice Blue Love Nails

Long almond-shaped ice blue valentine’s nails 2023 with black and gray hearts and a gray accent nail
Credit: Instagram@puro.nails

The perfect way to keep up with the festive spirit of this season, these icy-looking nails are a stylish alternative to the classic reds and pinks. Of course, this design is on trend enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day or even show love while cold days.

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