22 Fall/Winter Color Street Nail Ideas 2021/2022

Fall/Winter Color street Nail Art Designs 2021/2022

Feel the autumn colors, pumpkin spice, falling leaves, and sweater weather with the color street collection 2021/2022 that has perfect nail art designs for fall and winter. Additionally, you can design your manicure by creating the best color street combos to suit your outfits perfectly. The most anticipated catalog for 2021/2022 is already out and … Read more

The Cutest White Acrylic Nails to Try in 2021

Spring-y milk bath design using white acrylic nails 2021 with floral nail art

Acrylic nails are a perfect choice for the upcoming summer season. Like many trends, they’re a little bit cliché, over-the-top, and a little bit trendy. So, why not try something offbeat this year? These white acrylic nails are an easy way to make your manicure stand out. They’re also a great way to give your … Read more

23 Adorable Blue Nail Designs to Try in Spring and Summer Times

Midnight Royal Blue Nails with A Tropical Island Nail Art Design

The recent TikTok craze about blue nails had spiraled women’s interest around the globe to have their nails done in blue. Therefore, women of all ages became frenzied about blue-coated nails. Additionally, the color hue of blue may be considered a great color for it has different shades of blue such as turquoise, Aquamarine, azure, … Read more

Color Street Nails Neon Nights Collection 2021

Color Street Nails Neon Nights Collection 2021

Summer is full of stunning nail art ideas such as rainbow, star, and palm nail art. But what about trying a simple manicure with bold neon colors? Fortunately, color street nails neon nights’ strips have come with different flashy colors you will love them. Now, every fashion girl can enjoy summertime with neon nail colors … Read more

The Cutest and Trendy Turquoise Nails for Summer 2021

Under the Palm Trees Turquoise Nails 2021

Summer is getting closer! Have you already picked the perfect outfits for the season? How about getting ideas for cute summer nails? What about wearing cute turquoise nails? Indeed, several manicure designs are perfect for the entire year. However, summer nails are different as they create a more adventurous appeal. So, you can play with … Read more